About Us

Batsado Nigeria Company Limited (RC 697089) was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria as well as the State of New Jersey, United States of America in 2005. We enhance environments and promote cultures through our aesthetic designs and constructions, beautification, artistic compositions and impressions. Our achievements with regards to outdoors and indoors aesthetics are a component of testimonies that have made us a national contractor; all these are reflective in the quality of our artistic and innovative beautification management services provided for Nigeria overtime.

We are actively involved in landscaping, urban and regional design and beautification, digital water technology (inclusive of the various innovative water fountains designs and constructions, running of standard art gallery (i.e. sales, composition and international exhibition of all forms of visual arts, creation of emblems and logos, monumental works etc.) we deal in the sales of framing machines as well as sales of imported framing materials used in framing paintings and photographs. Nonetheless, we promote and enhance corporate tradition by symbolizing such with relevant artistic icons

As a corporate entity with rich track records in value-adding projects over the years, we are endowed with the requisite knowledge as well as vast resource and technical expertise to undertake and execute projects for corporate organizations, private individuals and the government. We equally employ the technical support of our foreign affiliates when necessary.  Our professionalism and expertise in the area of excellent service delivery and on-time project execution continue to give us more opportunities to spread our aesthetic tentacles; this has also earned us public confidence.  Some of the projects we have successfully executed are thereby highlighted within the scope of our profile.

However, our services are inter-personal and comprehensive, with great deal of time devoted to understanding every business need. We always embrace the fundamental human principle of decency, honesty and integrity in our business dealings, focusing on the development of long term relationships and repeat business. In this way, our products and services to clients become a committed advocate and external ambassador revealing and reiterating our commitment to quality, perfection, excellence and clients’ satisfaction.

We are acquainted with the fact that clients’ needs differ, and their tastes vary because there is a ‘beauty that is hidden in the mission and vision of all; and our goal is to enhance this beauty to emerge for all and sundry to behold- this is the driven force behind our success in the area of innovation, beautification and creativity. Our clients have always shown much appreciation and satisfaction in our products and services. Our vision is more than words on marble- it is a philosophy that guides how we do business every day. We are established to enhance nature and beautify the ambience of indoor and outdoor environments.



Batsado Nigeria Company Limited (RC 697089) is a registered Company with The Corporate Affairs Commission since 2005. We have made tremendous positive impacts on the society in terms of environmental enhancement via the private individuals, corporate entities and the government.


  • Fundamental human principles of decency 
  • Honesty and integrity in our business dealings 
  • We focus on the development of long term relationship and repeat business

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to continue to enhance environments 
  • To add value to existing social spaces 
  • To create innovative ambiences 
  • To promote globally receptive environmental outlooks (for private individuals, corporate organizations and the governments)